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  • Video File Management
    Laptop / Desktop: We recommend that our clients save all video files to one location. External hard drives work best to manage large file sizes, help keep you computer clear, & also share video files within your team / network. Mobile Phones: We recommend downloading the free app "Collect" by WeTransfer. This will help you save time & make it easier to preview / save large video files, photos, & more. When you click the WeTransfer download link(s), it will automatically load in the app "Collect". You can preview your files & also save directly to your phone. This will help you share the videos to Instagram & other video platforms on mobile. For best performance, connect to a WiFi connection.
  • Instagram
    Instagram Video Posts: (Less than 60 Seconds) This is the standard format to share videos on Instagram 1) Select the "+" button at the bottom of Instagram. 2) Select your video file. 3) Select the "crop" button (lower left corner) to show the full video aspect ratio. If you do not do this you may crop off titles & graphic design within the video. 4) Select "next" then select "cover" (bottom right). Now choose the best thumbnail image. Users will see this by default before the video begins to play. 5) Select "next" then add in your caption, people tags, & location. 6) For the video caption we recommend including important text information to support the video & help inform your viewers. 7) For the people tags some options include: tagging team members, clients, partners, us / @a1rmedia, local businesses, & more. 8) #Hashtags can be included within the video caption or also in a follow up comment. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 #hashtags. Using #hashtags will help you increase your reach to new viewers. 9) Select "share" (upper right) when you are ready to post the video. 10) Select the "paper airplane" button below the video post to share the video with other people (clients, team members, partners, & more) 11) Select the "paper airplace" button & also "add the post to your story". IGTV Videos (More than 60 Seconds) This is for longer length videos on Instagram. 1) Select the "+" button at the bottom of Instagram. 2) Select your +60 second video file. 3) Select the
  • YouTube
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  • Vimeo
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  • Facebook
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