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All clients are expected to complete our Client FormWhen you work with us you agree to the following Terms of Service:




We respect our clients' time and we ask our clients to do the same. All shoots canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of a shoot start time are subject to a 50% fee per service.

We will begin to shoot upon arrival and may move small items to improve the shot, however we will not:

  • Wait to begin shooting due to last minute cleaning, etc.

  • Wait for people to leave the room

  • Declutter the space

  • Move personal items (e.g. bathroom products, towels, bedding, clothes, etc.)

  • Move heavy items

  • Wipe down surfaces

  • Clean floors that are showing visible dust, etc. 

  • Close toilet lids

We recommend using professional storage services to help manage clutter if needed prior to the shoot. Tenants should not plan to move clutter around during shoots. If the shooter is delayed by an unprepared property there will be a fee of:

  • $50 for 0-30 minutes delay

  • $100 for 31-60 minutes delay

If the client would like our professional help preparing/staging the property, we offer basic and advanced preparation services:

  • $50 digital preparation via FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet (30 minutes)

  • $100 basic preparation/creative staging (30 minutes)

  • $150 advanced preparation/creative staging (60 minutes)




It is up to the client to review the weather forecast & schedule/reschedule shoots appropriately. Reschedule shoots +24 hours ahead of the shoot start time to avoid a 50% service fee. For photography packages, we have advanced techniques to enhance cloudy skies and deliver best possible images. In video & virtual 3D tours, skies cannot be enhanced and are shot and colored as is. 




Our professional drone operators are FAA UAV commercially licensed with years of experience. We fly in authorized airspace locations up to 400ft AGL (above ground level). If an FAA airspace authorization is required for your location, there will be a $100 fee/authorization. Our drone operators fly under a $1M liability insurance policy active at all times. We have the right to cancel any drone shoot based on wind, weather, or any other potential risks.




Videos include 2 free revision rounds. All additional video edits are $100/revision round. All revisions must be made within 30 days of shoot completion. All revisions made after 30 days are $100/revision round. To make a revision, please use our Video Revision Form.




We do not support using copyrighted music from third parties. We offer our clients access to a paid commercially licensed music library, All music copyrights are maintained by the original artists.




All media downloads are sent directly to clients' email(s) using Please make sure to fill out our Client Form so that we have the proper email(s) to send your media deliverables. Downloads are available for 1 year. There is a $50 fee/media download for any files requested after download links expire beyond 1 year. We no longer deliver files using



All media produced by WeFilmPhilly LLC/A1RMedia is owned and subject to original copyright. We maintain all rights to the media we produce. Only clients who pay for services are granted a commercial use license to the media exchanged in the service. This license is perpetual and non-transferable to third parties or other commercial clients. Clients who purchase video production services are granted a commercial license to the edited production. This does not include original stock footage. This license is non-transferable to third parties. Original stock footage can be licensed for additional fees. 




All invoices should be paid before the services begin. Files will not be delivered if invoice has not been paid. Our preferred method of payment is online via Square invoicing. If a client has outstanding invoices future, shoots will not be scheduled until all previous invoices are paid.

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